Air Transportation

From 01st August 2018, QVT joins venture with Mentfield UK Inc to establish Mentfield QV Logistics Vietnam Co., Ltd.

With 15 offices worldwide and hundreds agent across five continents, we now serve you better!
Shipping cargo freight via air reduces the time involved in the supply chain and is beneficial for quick inventory control and fast delivery times. QVT’s air cargo team will assess your specific needs and customize our air services for your large-scale project or smaller express shipment door to door, terminal to terminal, or anything in-between.

QVT specializes in air cargo transportation. Here are some features of our air transportation program
  • Daily/Weekly consolidation to major gateways all over the world
  • Time sensitive cargo – to meet urgent deadlines
  • Dangerous goods expertise
  • Experienced gateway operations team
  • Specialized charters for over-dimensional and overweight items.
  • Customized packages to meet your timeline & rate requirements
  • Domestic Air Transportation
  • Strong relationship & capacity agreements
  • Door-to-door services

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